At Jiddyak Corporate Services Limited, we provide visa service assistance of all visa categories. As an institution established on the core values of integrity, we mince no word to educate our clients on different visa categories, the documentation, duration and everything it entails. As part of our culture, we always reiterate to our clients that Jiddyak Limited provides visa procurement assistance to clients but we are not the Consulate and therefore have no power to issue visa of any category. However, we provide the best of service to our clients, making sure all that the embassy requires as touching each visa type are met and all policies correctly fulfilled.

Our service at visa stage is so smooth that every process of the visa is transparent and the client is carried along from the beginning to the end. This is a major reason why we many of our clients refers to as a “partner in progress”

We make sure our clients genuinely meet the requirements for the visa and are presented in the best possible manner to make the possibility of their visa approval a success. Our success stories is a proof of our genuine commitment , professionalism and good work.